The Climate Journey Malaga – COP25 Edition: free tour in English, on December 13

The Climate Journey Malaga – COP25 Edition: free tour in English, on December 13

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After an impactful presentation at the 2019 Sharing Cities Action during the Smart City Expo World Congress on November 19 in Barcelona, and the first free tour in Spanish Malaga on November 29, The Climate Journey is taking part in the UN Climate Change Conference (COP25) in Madrid at an EU Meet-the-expert session in the EU Pavilion on December 3rd, seeking to grow the collaborative network of local partners in the Euro-MED region leading Climate Journeys in their own cities and communities. Also, there will most likely be an official COP25 Climate Journey in Madrid led by Rutas Pangea on December 4th or 5th or 7th (to be confirmed soon).  

A few days later, we’ll come back to Malaga to share the COP25 experience via the first Climate Journey in English in the city, on December 13th, the last day of the Conference, departing from the Roman Theater at 16h. Jesus Iglesias, one of the project’s co-founders, has participated as speaker in the last 4 UN Climate Change Conferences, since the landmark COP21 in Paris in 2015 (The Paris Agreement), and is doing so again this year together with Fernando Blasco, another co-founder. Hence, at “The Climate Journey Malaga – COP25 Special Edition” they’ll tell the story of the Conference from their view, aiming to contrast the whole UN multilateral climate negotiation process with local action possibilities, as we walk across Malaga.     

Besides the UN theme, during this exciting journey (2h30) around the climate emergency, we will witness some of the impacts that we are already experiencing in the vulnerable Mediterranean region, and visualize the future scenarios according to science and the course of action we take both on the local and global level.

Next, we will spot and analyze our economy’s main sources of emissions (causes), from a complex and systemic perspective.

Lastly, we will discover multiple alternatives and solutions that are already being implemented in our neighborhoods, city, and territory, in terms of democracy-expanding civic mobilization, social economy, and nature-based solutions

Along the same lines, we will connect the dots between the climate crisis and other intertwined social challenges the likes of affordable housing, right to the city, and multi-faceted equity; always making the case for the local (human) scale.

All along we’ll be accompanied by some of our main collaborators from the University of Malaga, the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) or the Nature-based Solutions Cluster; as well as members of diverse social movements.

The rest you will have to experience it in person. Join the Climate Journey. It is time for climate action and justice in Malaga and the world 😉

IMPORTANT remark: as a “free tour”, participants usually contribute with a voluntary economic donation at the end, to ensure the sustainability of the project by covering the costs incurred into, including a just remuneration for the guides, management team, and ecosystem of partners. On the latter, we firmly abide by the principles of a true sharing local economy, offering 10% of revenue to each partner (local organization/group or small business) participating in a significant manner in each tour. Also, we give visibility to local commerce through cross promotion.    

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