Nature-Based Solutions for climate resilience

The climate challenge

The climate crisis is generating enormous social, environmental and economic challenges of a systemic nature, in particular:

– Risks to human health due to heat waves, high temperatures, pollution and floods, as well as food and water insecurities due to droughts, erosion, desertification or biodiversity loss.

– Increased energy costs and shortages due to problems in globalized supply chains powered by fossil fuels.

– Increased vulnerabilities to climate impacts due to growing levels of socio-economic inequalities.

Nature-Based Solutions (NBS)

The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) defines Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) as “actions to protect, sustainably manage, and restore natural or modified ecosystems, that address societal challenges effectively and adaptively, simultaneously providing human well-being and biodiversity benefits”.

In other words, they are solutions to major human problems such as the climate crisis, which work with nature to regenerate the ecosystem services it provides (clean air and water, stable climate…), with a positive impact on biodiversity, an inclusive governance approach to build equity, and adaptive management to evolve as challenges do.


SBNCLIMA SL we are a Spanish social enterprise that facilitates the design, evaluation and continuous improvement of Nature-Based Solutions to build resilience to climate impacts, by applying the IUCN Global Standard for NBS whose professional certification we hold.

We work with entrepreneurs, companies, business associations and chambers of commerce, project promoters, administration technicians and public agencies; offering consulting, advisory and training services, both online and face-to-face, as part of a holistic methodology that identifies climate challenges and designs systemic solutions with a launch strategy:

1. Climate resilience diagnosis and strategy

Performing a diagnosis of the starting situation regarding the climate crisis and devising an effective and inclusive resilience strategy based on two key levers: rewilding (Nature-Based Solutions) and localization (local economy).

5. Crowdfunding NBS

Once designed, NBS projects enter a specific crowdfunding campaign to obtain seed capital, social and institutional support, as well as greater financial strength for subsequent funding mechanisms.

2. Design and incubation of Nature-Based Solutions

Design of NBS projects based on IUCN Global Standard and deeply rooted in the local economy; and their incubation to develop a multi-benefit value proposition and a diversified business model. In the case of “nature-based enterprises” we add a prototype, a market test and launch via crowdfunding (3).


An international team, firmly committed to ts mission and values, and working collaboratively through networks with various organizations and people at all levels:

Jesus Iglesias Saugar

EU Climate Pact Ambassador

Jesus is a social entrepreneur. Since 2009 he catalyzes social innovation processes for climate resilience and social equity, both locally and internationally. He has been a speaker at the last 6 UN Climate Change Conferences. He is a EU Climate Pact Ambassador, and a regular contributor to prominent Spanish media such as El País and

He has a BsC in Telecommunications Engineering, a MsC in Space & Earth Sciences by the Paris Observatory and UC Berkeley, and a MsC in Sustainable Development by EOI Business School. He belongs to and actively participates in multiple networks such as the Nature-Based Solutions Cluster, International Localization Alliance, Climate Reality or

Artur Nadcrinicinii

International consultant

Artur leads expert consulting projects, brokers partnerships and manages projects in Eastern Europe & Asia. He is an international consultant on social business development, has worked with UNEP/MAP (Sustainable Consumption and Production Regional Activity Center), UNDP (CLIMBIZ, UNDP for Black Sea), and other development-focused multilateral organizations.

He holds a degree in Economics and a postgraduate MBA. He has 10+ years of previous professional experience in the private sector, covering various fields in the areas of strategic and operational planning, sectoral studies & market research, as well as business partnerships, trade and investment promotion.


Among the certificates that prove our experience, the following stand out:

Professional Certificate on IUCN Global Standard for Nature-Based Solutions

EU Climate Pact Ambassador

Online course on “Nature-Based Solutions for Disaster and Climate Resilience” by UNEP and PEDRR

Online course on “Natured Based Metropolitan Solutions” by TU DELFT

Online Certificate on “Carbon Reduction Strategy” by CSE

Online course on “Nature-based Urban Regeneration” by RWTH Aachen University

Contact us!

We are at your disposal for any questions about our services or collaboration proposals within our strategic priorities.


In person you can find us at Ribering – Coworking and coliving in Ribera del Duero: Bajada al molino 15, Bajo 2, 09400 Aranda de Duero (Burgos, Spain).