A Climate Journey to promote the rewilding of Malaga: Nature-based Solutions in the harbor and Guadalmedina river

A Climate Journey to promote the rewilding of Malaga: Nature-based Solutions in the harbor and Guadalmedina river

May 5, 2021 Climate Journey 0

Press release – Malaga, May 5, 2021

Post-pandemic reconstruction must be green and fair to be able to tackle the profound crises we face: from growing inequalities, to planetary health, climate emergency and loss of biodiversity, especially in our cities. The Mediterranean is one of the most affected regions in the world, with a warming 20% higher than average, which leads to heat waves, droughts, torrential rains, migrations, and increasing tropical diseases. Nature-based Solutions (NbS), understood according to IUCN Global Standard for NbS (International Union for Conservation of Nature), have enormous potential to absorb CO2 emissions, preserve and enhance biodiversity, reduce pollution, protect citizens against heat, floods and rising sea levels, and even improve health, social wellbeing, and contribute to a more local and equitable economy.

We are specifically talking about the rewilding of urban, river and coastal areas through green and blue (marine) corridors or urban forests, for example. The key to its rooting and expansion is social acceptance, as well as a cooperative design and implementation among the different stakeholders, with strong engagement from local governments and public administration, civil society, academia and companies, especially SMEs. Thus, in order to promote NbS in the city of Malaga, on Friday May 28 (5:30 p.m. at ‘Palacio de la Aduana’), we are going to embark on a Climate Journey walking around the harbor and banks of the Guadalmedina river, with the collaboration of experts from the IUCN Center for Mediterranean Cooperation (IUCN-Med), Ecologistas en Acción, Bioazul, Aula del Mar, University of Malaga – Climate Change Charin, NbS Cluster, and the citizen platform ‘Let’s Defend our Horizon’.

The activity is framed within the global action month for economic localization preceding ‘World Localization Day’ on June 20, led by Local Futures. Localize and diversify the economy of Malaga, levers of systemic change that, in conjunction with NbS, will allow us to emerge collectively stronger from the pandemic by generating resilience, self-sufficiency, equity and quality employment.

It will be the Climate Journey number 18 since its launch in Malaga in November 2019, already reaching more than 240 people from about twenty countries, with new local chapters under development in Madrid, Barcelona, Granada or Belgrade. Responsible tourism itineraries addressed to all audiences, seeking to spur local action for the climate and social justice. Come, join us to get to know Malaga from a different angle, it will change your life.

Registration: https://www.meetup.com/rutaclimamalaga/events/277851747/